Are inclusive of: linen (sheets and towels),consumption (water, light and gas),final cleaning, TV color.

Aren’t inclusive of: cleaning kitchen (€ 20,00), parking place for the car, the heating.

At your request: cradle (€ 30,00 each week)

1) The Terms

The booking is accepted when the “Amalfi Coast Holidays” receives from you the 30% of the total amount as deposit.

This deposit changes into penalty and isn’t you returned if you don’t cancel your booking within the 30 days before.

If the lodging isn’t taked up within the 17:00 of the day after the fixed date of your arrive, the “Amalfi Coast Holidays” will detain the deposit and will dispose of the apartment.

If you arrive late or leave early, there isn’t any repayment.

For any changes about the duration of your stay you must come to an agreement with the “Amalfi Coast Holidays”.


2) Conditions of payment

The settlement of the due must be effected when you arrive in Erchie in our office in Via Marina,12.


3) Guarantee deposit

When you arrive in Erchie ,you ‘ll must take a guarantee for any damages caused to the apartment or for a special final cleaning. If you leave early, this guarantee will be send back you.


4) Liability

The “Amalfi Coast Holidays” isn’t liable for accidents, thefts, material and or bodily damages, any interruptions of the delivery of water, light and gas or problems arised in the apartment during your holiday. We are liable only for disadvantages caused by our negligence.


5) Complaints during your stay

If you at your arrive in Erchie have some problems in the apartment, you’ll must inform the “Amalfi Coast Holidays” about this withing 48 hours.


6) Arrival and departuretime

The “Amalfi Coast Holidays” delivers you the keys of the apartment in our office from the the 8p.m.The departure is foreseen between 9:00a.m.and 10.00a.m.You must deliver the apartment clear and in good conditions.


7) Jurisdiction

For each controversy between the “Amalfi Coast Holidays “and the client, place of jurisdiction is the court of Salerno.